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Signisa is a sign language learning application that incorporates hand detection and computer vision technology to help you learn sing language with ease and interest

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Access our introductory classes integrated with artificial intelligence to assist your learning!

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Hear the latest news about what is happening in the deaf community!

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Connect with your tutor immediately from anywhere around the world!

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You can keep learning from your phone or laptop anywhere!

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Learn on the go! Our courses are available from the homepage and you can start a new lesson anytime. Once you pass the introductory courses, connect with an real-time ASL teacher who will guide you through the intermediate/advanced courses to fluency!

Create an account to record your progress and become a member of our hard-of-hearing community forum!
With our SignPass, you will recieve discounted lessons, additional content, and an ad-free experience. Obtain access to slang, idioms, and every-day speach, and learn to communicate with your friends and family in silence! Check out our subscription options
Take lessons from ASL speakers who have been using sign language their whole life. Members from the deaf community have volunteered to step up and become teachers willing to make sure you are well-equipped and comfortable with ASL!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! The Signpass is only for additional content and to stop ads from interrupting your learning experience. The money from the subscription is solely dedicated to the maintanence of Signisa and it's services. We appreciate all the support we could recieve!
Signisa uses a Convolutional Neural Network to help recognize hand signs and gestures in real-time. Gestures are recorded from the first detection of movement until the user becomes still, and translates the full movement into a sentence.
Yes, we do have a free trial! Just create your account for a one-week free trial with Signpass.
With just 10-15 minutes per day, you can reach basic ASL fluency in just 4 weeks!

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